Is The Survivor 2299 Fake? Fallout 4 Teaser not Real?

By now, you must have heard about… Is this Fallout 4 teaser real? Short answer: no!

After some more researching into the matter, I’ve reached the sad conclusion that The Survivor 2299 is just an elaborate hoax. Is The Survivor 2299 fake? YES! Scroll down the page to find out more…

is the survivor 2299 fake

What? Why? How? WTF? My thoughts exactly!
Let’s see why The Survivor 2299 Fallout 4 teaser CAN’T be real…


Is The Survivor 2299 Fake?

Definitely! Here are the reasons behind my thinking that The Survivor 2299 is fake:

#1 was registered with I learned that ZeniMax always used its own DNS servers ( for its registrations, while The Survivor 2299 uses its own ( Furthermore, the whois page for TheSurvivor2299 is also missing Corporate Domains Inc promotion introducing ZeniMax’s known, legitimate domains.

#2 Domain’s IP check revealed, which leads to, a Polish host. There’s no way Bethesda would use an European host, so this is has to be fake.

#3 European date format was used, rather than American. One more reason for us to think that this Fallout 4 Teaser is far from being real.

#4 There is a fallout.js (JavaScript) link in the source code. And even a fallout.css (style sheet) using Fallout 3′s Monofonto font. This is way to obvious! Normally, these files would have generic names, but this dude (or dudes) really want us to believe this is real.

#5 UPDATE 1: A Google Conversion ID, 963805860, was added to their page. The ID is exactly the same with the one has. Now, why would Bethesda use the same AdWords tracking code for a new page? Well, they wouldn’t! That’s one more reason for us to believe that is fake.

#6 UPDATE 2: New information on that Survivor 2299 page has surfaced! The countdown code was tracked to a Polish web developer. Why a multimillion dollar gaming company would use a GNU (General Public License) code, when they have enough web designers of their own? That’s right, they wouldn’t! Source: Fallout Gamepedia.

Although it does seem similar to how Fallout 3 was teased, this is too obvious! It’s like trying to hard… So, yeah, I’m not convinced. proved to be just a very convincing fake. That’s right, The Survivor 2299 is fake. Unfortunately…

So, next time someone asks you “Is the survivor 2299 fake?” you tell him YES. Sorry to burst your bubble like that, but the truth is better than any convincing lie. Keep the hope alive though; Bethesda hasn’t gave up on us…