Wasteland Weekend 2013 Photos (Part 1)

Wasteland Weekend 2013: a four days post-apocalyptic theme party that takes place in the desert of California, about 2 hours from LA, at the end of September.

If any of you ever get the chance, you should try to make it, at least once. It’s not easy, it’s in the middle of nowhere and the weather can be hot, 110, or freezing, 30′s. But it’s totally worth it! Here’s why…

wasteland weekend 2013 buggy car
 Girl on the hood of a buggy car, ready for some action

wasteland weekend 2013 pictures
 Mad Max never felt more real…

wasteland weekend 2013 photos
 Legion warriors at Wasteland Weekend 2013, group photo

wasteland weekend 2013 raider picture
 This is how a real raider looks like!

wasteland weekend 2013 mad max car
 Well done Mad Max car replica

wasteland weekend 2013 photos fallout
 Fallout couldn’t miss from the Wasteland Weekend 2013!

wasteland weekend 2013 raiders car
 Mad Max raiders in a modified car

wasteland weekend 2013 atomic cafe
 Notice the Atomic Cafe sign in the back…

wasteland weekend 2013 armored car
 That looks like a car ready for the apocalypse

That’s it for now. Bookmark the New Fallout webpage or keep an eye on Fallout Cosplayers for more Wasteland Weekend photos. Good day to you, weary traveler! wink