Wasteland Weekend 2013 Videos

Join hundreds of fans coming from all over the US for once-a-year post-apocalyptic party in the deserts of California.

Live for 4 days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies! Music, battles, fire dancers and post-apocalyptic vehicles for maximum immersion. See what you missed this year by watching these cool Wasteland Weekend 2013 videos!

This is the Wasteland Weekend, ladies and gents!

Lord Humongous married a couple at Wasteland Weekend 2013, LoL!

Lots of cool, modified, post-apocalyptic cars in this video. Check these out!

This is a game called Jugger, that people played at Wasteland Weekend 2013

Wasteland Weekend 4 had also battles inside a “Dome of Destruction”

A video of Milosz full armor playing around with his fire sword at Wasteland Weekend 4

They even had robot fights at Wasteland Weekend 3013! I mean smash bots, sorry.

The Rust Devils bounty game was a huge success at this year’s Wasteland Weekend

wasteland weekend 2013 raider picture

That’s all the good Wasteland Weekend 2013 videos I could dig up for you guys. As you can see, lots and lots of fun stuff to do for the post-apocalypse fans like you and me. Was it worth it? You tell me! Thanks for watching and see you around in the wasteland! wink