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Did you know? Yao Guai are mutated bears. Super Mutants are gender neutral. You can have a threesome with Laren and Sierra in Girdershade. No matter how ugly you are, your father says you look just like him. Welcome to 101 Facts about Fallout 3. Have something to add? Leave a comment on the page that sent you to this article and we might add it to our list. Enjoy!

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Fun Fallout 3 Facts

- No matter how ugly you are, your father says you look just like him.
- In the Fallout univese, heads get easily detached.
- The Capital Wasteland has robots with English accents. Bloody hell...
- Yao Guai are mutated black bears with a really bad temper.
- Super Mutants are gender neutral. But you knew that. (Fallout 3 Facts)

- You can hold a flamethrower, minigun, missile launcher, a dozen small guns, 100 cans of food and still sneak up on someone. Cool!

- Deputy Weld is cooler than you will ever be.
- Moira is the most useful shopkeeper in Fallout 3.

- People of the Capital Wasteland can survive several shots to the head with a sniper rifle.

- You blast a kid with a "Fat Man" and he runs away... ALIVE.
- You can drink the water from toilets to heal gunshot wounds.
- Behemoths found the secret stash of giant fire hydrants.
- The robot called "PROTECTron" doesn't even protect you!
- I can search the bodies of my fellow men, but not aliens...

- You can steal something by picking it up, putting it down in a hidden area, and then taking it.

- The atomic bomb in Megaton is the same model used by U.S.A. to bomb Hiroshima in 1945.

- You will gain radiation if you eat a radroach, yet you gain nothing from carrying around irradiated meat with you for days. (Fallout 3 Facts)

- A bullet from a 10mm pistol can magically blow someone's head into little pieces.

- I can carry around 10 missile launchers... in my pockets... since I don't have a backpack.

- I can have 2 crippled legs, and somehow manage to still carry around 300 pounds worth of weapons, clothes and junk.

- People who lived in Vaults were more screwed than the wastelanders. Nothing beats being a human guinea pig.

- People in the wastes would rather not be with you, despite the fact that you are the only other human being around for tens of miles.

- Food from 200 years ago is still edible and you never get sick after eating it.

fallout 3 facts

- Time seems to magically freeze just by looking at your Pip-Boy.

- When talking to someone, the whole world waits for your conversation to end. Bullets stop in mid-air, people have their arms reached out and standing on one feet, deathclaws open their mouths right behind the person you're talking to.

- A follower will wait for you in the same place forever. That's what I call loyalty.

- Feral ghouls can easily be fooled by wearing a 'Ghoul Mask,' despite your character wearing armor, carrying weapons, and having a smooth skin.

- Moira Brown will never hate you, no matter how hard you try. (Fallout 3 Facts)

- Even though pre-war money is still in abundance, the inhabitants of the wasteland chose to change currency to bottle caps, which can be easily counterfeited.

fallout 3 facts

- Fawkes makes the game rather easy, always stealing your kills.

- You can carry an unlimited supply of ammo, including small nuclear warheads the size of footballs, and it will never slow you down.

- In the Capital Wasteland, ammunition is just laying around everywhere in boxes.

- 5,000 rounds of 5mm ammo will weigh exactly the same as a single throwing dart: nothing.

- Cats are mysteriously missing from the Capital Wasteland. Horses too.
- There are also no mutated spiders in the wastes. (Facts about Fallout 3)

- For some reason, you cannot drop or discharge any quest item, even if the quest was completed. And that's just annoying.

- A town full of kids that's been running for a good 200 years, Little Lamplight is still a thriving community without anyone to repopulate the town.

- With the exception of Nova, whom you have to pay, no one wants to do their part in repopulating the world with you. (Facts about Fallout 3)


- I can go on a killing spree in broad daylight, murdering most people in town... But if I wait three days and come back, all is forgiven. Thank Atom!

- Deathclaws do not like you, no matter how much radroach meat you throw at them.

- There is a magical wall that stops me from leaving Washington D.C.. Sucks!

- Did you notice? No matter how many shots the Brotherhood of Steel initiates shoot they will never hit the targets in the Citadel's courtyard.

- People complain about irradiated water, but when I throw away 100 bottles of purified water no one does sh!t! (Facts about Fallout 3)

- No matter how hard you try, ghouls can always outrun you... even though their legs are practically made of jell-o.

- If you're playing as a female and have the 'Black Widow' perk you can convince Ronald Laren in Girdershade to have a threesome with you and Sierra Petrovita.

- You can disarm an atomic bomb with only 25 Explosives skill. What?!

- They say there is no clean water anywhere in the wastes. But apparently there is fresh water in Tenpenny Tower toilets.

- Eating radroach or ant meat will never make you throw up, even though you lived off of processed food for 19 years inside your Vault. (Facts about Fallout 3)

- You can easily swim in the Potomac River despite the fact that you lived your entire life in a Vault.

- If you shoot someone in the foot and have the 'Bloody Mess' perk, their other limbs will most likely come off. (Fallout 3 Facts)

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