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  1. Fallout 4 Survival Mode Details
    Surviving in Fallout has never been better - and here's why!

Has been a while since Bethesda made (not published) a Fallout game... It's been, what, 7 years since Fallout 3 entered our lives -- and never left for some of us, who still play it every now and then. This Website is mostly about Fallout 4 news & rumors. But that's not all! We have lots of tips & tricks, mods discussion, facts and other cool stuff here. Stick around!

  1. The First Fallout 4 DLC Leaks
    Curious about the Fallout 4 DLC Automatron coming out March 22? Here's what we know. Need a hint? Codsworth Assaultron!

  2. Fallout 4 Survival Mode Details Leaked
    The upcoming Fallout 4 Survival Mode details leaked! No more saving, no fast travel, no enemies on the compass, etc. Curious? Click the title to learn more!

  3. First Fallout 4 DLC Info
    Bethesda just released some information on their Fallout 4 DLC. Three are planned for release in the upcoming months, with the first one launching in March!

  4. Cool Fallout WiFi Names
    Looking for a cool name for your wireless network? If you're a Fallout fan like me, you're gonna love these!

  5. [SPOILERS] Fallout 4 Leaked Intro (Cinematics)
    Although we're still many hours away from the official release, lots of people got their hands on Fallout 4 already. And one of them leaked the intro video on YouTube!

  6. [SPOILERS] Fallout 4 Leaks
    Leaked, up to date, information about Fallout 4. No story spoilers!

  7. Leaked Fallout 4 Demo Script
    Check out what else we learned from the leaked Fallout 4 Demo script from QuakeCon 2015.

  8. Fallout 4 Trailer Map
    So it's confirmed, Fallout 4 is in Boston. Yeah yeah, I know you know... But do you know what those buildings in the trailer are?

  9. Fallout 4 Leaked Story?
    Insider says images in the Fallout 4 reveal trailer are actually the dog's memories. Find out WTF is he talking about and find out more Fallout 4 spoilers.

  10. Fallout 4 Enclave
    Will we see the Enclave in Fallout 4? After all, they are the nemesis of The Brotherhood, which is almost 100% confirmed in the upcoming game. And, most importantly, will we be able to join the Enclave?

  11. Fallout 4 Before and After
    We go down the memory lane with pictures from before and after the nuclear apocalypse. Take a peek!

  12. Where the F is Fallout 5?
    No matter what your hopes are for Fallout 5, it's high time we hear something from Bethesda about it! We've been waiting far too long...

  13. Fallout 4 Map Reveal
    This is what the Fallout 4 Map could look like. Twice as big as the Skyrim map and including familiar landmarks. Have a look!

  14. Fallout 4 Leaked Info?
    Insider offers details about the highly anticipated sequel. Fallout 4 leaked info about Vault 111, The Institute, the release date, player characters and factions!

  15. Fallout 4 Trailer Explained
    Fallout 4 was finally announced! Ready to return to the Wasteland? So am I! But first, let's have analyse the trailer, see what we can learn from it.

  16. Fallout 4 in Boston Confirmed
    Fallout 4 teaser Website gone up minutes before the countdown timer reached zero. Here's what we've got: a wallpaper, glimpses of a trailer and pre-order pictures!

  17. Fallout 4 Trailer Hint at E3 2015
    Fallout 4 cinematic trailer listed as contracted work on freelance artist's LinkedIn profile. How legit is this?

  18. Tidux Tweeted: Fallout 4 at E3 2015
    Notorious video game insider Tidux tweeted recently that we will be hearing about Fallout 4 at E3 2015. Should you believe him?

  19. Should Fallout 4 Take Place in Boston?
    Will we see a Fallout 4 in Boston? There's a good chance this will happen, given the historical importance of Boston and the rumors of Bethesda scouting the area.

  20. Are They Making Fallout 4?
    Fallout fans managed to wait 10 years before a new Fallout game got released. Do we have to wait another 10 years as well? Are they even making Fallout 4?

  21. Top 10 Fallout 4 Features Fans Want
    ...that probably won't be in the new Fallout game.

  22. The Most Interesting Fallout Vault-Tec Vaults
    Do you know the true purpose of the infamous Vault-Tec vaults? Of course you do! Any true Fallout fan knows the purpose of the vaults. Right? Riiight?

  23. Top 10 Fallout 4 Game Rumors
    Ten most intriguing rumors about the highly-anticipated sequel. Keep reading for Fallout 4 game rumors.

  24. The Best Fallout Tattoos
    Fallout has some really amazing and loyal fans out there. How loyal? Well, enough to put some ink on their bodies. Check out the best Fallout tattoos on the Web!

  25. 40 Fun Things To Do in Fallout 3
    Love a challenge? Then you'd better start a new game 'cause we've got for you 40 things to do in Fallout 3, and the list promises tons of fun. You ready?

  26. The Best Fallout 3 Mods
    Looking for a whole new gameplay experience? Mods can help! Have a look at the best Fallout 3 Mods out there and try them all. What have you got to lose?

  27. Bethesda's Fallout 1 Remake
    Would you like to see a remake of the classic Fallout games? Although very unlikely to see a Bethesda Fallout 1 remake, a New Vegas mod could be just the thing we need.

  28. 101 Fun Facts about Fallout 3
    Did you know? Yao Guai are mutated bears. Super Mutants are gender neutral. You can have a threesome in Girdershade. Welcome to 101 Facts about Fallout 3!

  29. Fallout 1 Quick Start Guide
    Fallout 1 Quick Start - A quick guide to help you get started with Fallout 1. Learn how to create a character, how to use the GUI, your inventory, etc.

  30. Fallout 4 Announced? What Would You Do?
    We asked, you answered! Here are some of the craziest things people said they'll do if the new Fallout game is suddenly announced.

  31. Fallout PipBoy Windows 7 Theme
    Keep your Pip-Boy on your desktop with this cool Fallout PipBoy Windows 7 Theme. Get the forecast, check your RAM and CPU, open programs fast. A must have!

  32. How to Play Fallout 1 on Windows 7
    You'd like to try the old Fallout games but you can't get them to work on your PC? Here's how to play Fallout 1 on Windows 7.

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