The First Fallout 4 DLC Leaks


Bethesda released some information on their upcoming Fallout 4 DLC a while ago. The first add-on is planned for release tomorrow! If you're curious about some of the features included, keep reading. If you're the kind of guy or gal who doesn't like to be spoiled, I strongly advise you to STOP right here. Are you ready? Go for Fallout 4 DLC leaks!

fallout 4 dlc leaks

Fallout 4 Automatron Leaks

The first Fallout 4 add-on will be released tomorrow, March 22, for a price of $10. The player learns about a mysterious Mechanist who unleashed her (yep, it's a girl) army of evil robots into the Commonwealth, and your job is to hunt them down. By doing so you'll be able to pick up their parts and build your own custom robots with hundreds of different body parts, abilities, weapons (ie Chain Lighting Gun), paint schemes, etc. (see picture below).

fallout 4 automatron leaks

Here are some of the Automatron DLC Features:

  1. You will be able to upgrade Codsworth, even get him a new robotic body if you want.
  2. Lots of weapon mods for your robots: gatling lasers, electric guns, gamma rays, etc.
  3. You can build Eyebots which you can use like scavengers to bring you stuff.
  4. You can choose the voice you want for your robots, including generic human voices.
  5. New Tesla T-60f Power Armor you will get from Rust Devils raiders.
  6. Turn the Mechanist's Lair into your settlement OR recruit her if you want!
  7. New generators, new robot companion (ADA), new items, more crafting and loot.
  8. New Assaultron sword and there's also a Mr. Handy buzz axe.
  9. Still can't romance robots. Why the hell not, Bethesda?!

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy these Fallout 4 DLC leaks? I give this add-on a 8/10, definitely worth your $10. Oh... and Codsworth Assaultron FTW! Can't wait for you guys to play it tomorrow. Have questions? Join my group and ask away! Psst! I'll tell you where the Mechanist's Lair is. ;)


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