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We've been waiting years for Fallout 4... Now, only 7 days away from its official release, and with those few copies sent out to reviewers, we've got some very important information that gives us a glimpse of what Fallout 4 is going to be like. Wanna know more?

fallout 4 leaks

The story is not spoiled though, just gameplay mechanics. Before you ask, these Fallout 4 leaks came from a guy who actually played the game and provided screenshots as proof.

First of all, there's nothing revolutionary about Fallout 4. Really. You'll be able to read all about that in the reviews coming up on November 9. The game world looks great and the lighting is good. There are some frame drops, but that's because there's so much on the screen and short loading times. Movement is fluid, jumping and animations are done really well, especially weapon reloading. But let's talk about some other things.

  1. DIFFICULTY: Very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard and Survival (sadly, this doesn't include fatigue, thirst or hunger, like the Hardcore mode in NV). Difficulty affects the stats of enemies, as well as the appearance rate of legendary enemies. Legendaries have a chance of dropping a legendary item (marked with stars) with unique stats.

  2. GUI colors can be chosen with RGB sliders, according to leaks.

  3. PICKING doors and HACKING terminals is exactly the same as in Fallout 3.

  4. MAP size: Hard to tell, probably Skyrim's size, but with a lot more places to explore.

  5. COMBAT is well done. Enemies hide, weapons have lots of characteristics, you notice every impact, takes time to reload (especially if you're playing on high difficulties), they can overload. Definitely lots of improvements from Fallout 3. If you're behind a car or column, you can take cover by pressing a button; works really well.

  6. WEAPONS: You can find about 18 base guns. Each weapon has up to 30 parts that can be changed. Modding is crazy as you get tons of choices. Some enemies' hit boxes are small, making it difficult to shot mole rats, for example, without VATS. There's no weapon condition like in Fallout 3, you cannot repair weapons.

  7. VATS don't stop time anymore, they just slow it down, and are not essential. FPS fans would love the game. This is great news, since I always wanted Fallout to be more like a shooter and less "let me take my sweet time and think about it" kind of game. How's your aim, console players? :P

  8. KARMA system is not visible and we haven't seen reputations either (like in Fallout: New Vegas). Most likely the morale system works like in Skyrim.

  9. SETTLEMENTS are very important. You'll either love them or hate them. There's a lot of micromanagement involved in their maintenance. Might seem overwhelming for most players. You'll have to take care of the NPC's living there, suppling them with food, water, energy and beds. When they're attacked, you'll receive a message and you have the option to go help. You can invest hours into building your settlement.

  10. LOADING TIME: Big buildings usually have them, but they're shorter than fast travel. Small buildings, and there's lots of them - don't have any loading time.

  11. POWER ARMOR: No, you can't put the power armor in your inventory. It's used like a vehicle: you get it, 'drive' and step out when you don't need it anymore. It's not very comfortable, but it can take a lot of damage and you can carry a lot more stuff.

  12. LOCATIONS: There are lots of 'brown' areas like in Fallout 3, and some radioactive areas with green tint that will affect your healing rate.

  13. PERKS are a huge improvement from Fallout 3. Each perk has 4 levels: basic, advanced, expert and master. There's so much depth and you always feel like improving your character. Example of perks: [SPOILERS] "You randomly receive triple XP for any action. The lower your intelligence, the higher the probability." // "Ghoul - Sure, you're still human... on the outside! Now regenerate lost health with radiation."

  14. DIALOGUE is slow and the choices are... lame. Honestly, it feels like a step back. Usually, X advances the conversation, O is sarcasm or No, square is rude, and triangle is always for queries. Mission info is scarce; it would have been nice if we'd get the option to know more about what we're asked to do. Bethesda tried to make the dialogue system similar to "Mass Effect", but they didn't do a good job.

  15. BUGS? So far only dialogue bugs were reported.


If you loved Fallout 3, you might dislike Fallout 4 simply because there's so many things that changed. If you loved New Vegas, you might hate the lack of a faction system. Just like the old question about which one is better: Fallout 3 or New Vegas, you'll either love or hate Fallout 4. Thanks for reading! If you want to chat more about this, head over to my Fallout group on Facebook. These are all the Fallout 4 leaks I know of right now, but I'll keep you updated in the group if I get a lot of new info. See you in the Wasteland on November 10!

by Fawkes

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