Fallout 4 Map Reveal

This is what the Fallout 4 Map could look like. Twice as big as the Skyrim map and including familiar landmarks. Here, have a look. We also have a video if you don't want to read!

fallout 4 map reveal

Based on the distance between Boston Statehouse and the Skywatch Observatory - both buildings appearing in the Fallout 4 Trailer - we concluded that the map scale is about 1:3.


Fallout 4 Map Locations

Here you can see a rough estimation of the Fallout 4 Map. At this size (1:3 scale), the map has approximately 30 square miles, double that of Skyrim's (15 square miles). If we are to take Bethesda's word for granted - they said they're going to "reinvent the open world genre" - and giving the fact that the new engine is next-gen, all this seems very likely.

fallout 4 map locations

And below is the final draft for the Fallout 4 map reveal. As you can see, Whitney Hill Park is Vault 111, nukes hit Brighton, and the garage is around Cambrige.

fallout 4 map leaked

And here's the promised video of the infamous Fallout 4 map for those of you who want to dig further into how the map was created and the logic behind its locations.



Find this article useful? Share it with your Fallout friends and let them know what's coming. We might post an updated version of this Fallout 4 Map, so keep an eye on this Website. ;)


fallout 4 map

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