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Looking for a cool name for your wireless network? If you're a Fallout fan like me, you're gonna love these Fallout wi-fi names. Suggested by the good people of Everything Fallout group on Facebook -- join us to get your daily dose of Fallout. So, let's get started! Let's see... what should I name my router today?

fallout wifi names

Another Device Needs Your Wifi
Everyone's favorite! Everybody's sick of Preston and his continuous cry for help, while he just sit on his ass all day long, doing absolutely nada. Suggested by Conner Drake Robison.

Kellog Killed my Wifi
Oh no! Whatever should I do? That bastard! I must avenge my wifi next time I see Kellog and dispense some indiscriminate justice. A Fallout wifi name by Tommy Hill.

Galaxy News Radio
Every Fallout fan should have heard of Three Dog and his "good fight". You didn't?! Go play Fallout 3, you noob! You know, the 'first' Fallout game? Suggested by Emerald Green.

Settlement Recruitment Beacon
Another wifi needs your help... Are you just gonna sit there or go help? Connect now and start working on that new settlement. By Peter Kapitola.

Please Stand By
Simple, yet elegant. Everyone knows it. By Matthew Trevor Gartland.

This Looks Like Something a Synth Would Connect To
Are you secretly a Synth? It's okay, I won't tell... Name suggested by Peter Kapitola.

You've Done a Hell of a Job, WiFi. Ad Victoriam!
Recognizing your wifi is important. If your wi-fi feels better about itself, it will give you more Internet speed. Or maybe not... By Kyler Plowman.

Dogmeat Found This
Good boy! Now go fetch me something useful, you mutt. Suggested by Thomas Flynn.

Boone: My WiFi is Dead
Also, Boone would like his wifi back, please. By William Williamson.

Another simple wifi name. Any Fallout fan should recognize it and smile.

WiFi... WiFi Never Changes
Only routers do, through the roads they walk. Kein Price is the fan who suggested this cool name for a Fallout wireless network.

The signal is strong with this wi-fi. Suggested by William Oswald.

Prydwen Internet Service
Password: "advictoriam". Suggested by Noah Golden.

100% Not a Synth
Password: "justkidding". Suggested by Holly Cain.

Pretty Fly For a Yao Guai
Just don't feed them or you'll get in deep trouble. Wifi name suggested by Dylan Ernst.

Vault Mainframe
Simple, Vault-Tec related. By Gary Whittle.

Not the Institute
Really, it's not. Move along, please. Suggested by Daniel Teichler.

Do You Have a Geiger Counter?
Password: "minesintheshop". Wi-Fi name by Adrian Jones.

The Institute Beacon
Now that you located the synths, they must be destroyed. Make haste! A great suggestion and the last on our list of cool Fallout wifi names. By Matt Nicholson.

So, did you find what you were looking for? Have you decided you're gonna give your wifi a Fallout name? Great! BTW, if you think you have a better suggestion, feel free to join us on Facebook and message the admin. You just might see your name here, next time this Fallout wi-fi names page gets updated. Ad victoriam, brother! ;)


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