You Know You're Addicted to Fallout When...


You know you're addicted to Fallout when... you named your cat Deathclaw or your dog Dogmeat. You ask for Nuka-Cola at restaurants and you wish you could solve your problems with a Fat Man. You also collect bottle caps because... you never know. Keep reading to find out more about what triggers your Fallout addiction.

addicted to fallout

How Do You Know You're Addicted to Fallout?

You know you're addicted to Fallout when...

Addicted to Fallout 3

- You save bottle caps because, after all, they're the currency of the future.
- You're scared of shopping carts... (James Hess)
- You tried to pay with bottle caps instead of real money. (James Stupplebeen)
- You've gone into a pharmacy and asked for some Buffout, RadAway or Rad-X.
- You named your cat Deathclaw. (Dennis van Wilgen)
- You named your cat Fawkes. (Amanda Spradlin)
- You see random bobby pins on the street and pick them up. (Nick Brown)
- You know you are addicted to Fallout when you named your dog Dogmeat.
- Instead of calling an exterminator, you shoot bugs with a shotgun.

- Your mom yells at you for taking her pressure cooker to make weapons. (Fuchi Koma)

- You think you'll just finish this mission and go to bed, then the sun rises.
(Suri David Gutierrez)

- You joined the army and wonder when you'll get your Power Armor and Plasma Rifle.

- When you have literally thousands of games, but you only want to play Fallout. (Dan Beard)

- You try to mod ordinary kitchen utensils into weapons. (River MacIntyre)
- You added "Hero of the Wastes" as your current job on your Facebook profile.
- You say things like "In Gob we trust." or "What the Fawkes?" (Amanda Miron)
- You wish you could VATS your enemies. (Ellen Marlow)
- You keep pressing TAB in other FPS games, expecting a Pip-Boy. (Ivory Keys)
- Your wedding dance is "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". (Amanda Spradlin)
- You've asked for a Plasma Rifle at your local gun shop.
- You're saying you're going to New Vegas instead of Las Vegas. (Chris Gomez)
- You wish you could solve your problems with a Fat Man. (Frederik Klaschen)
- When you're secretly wishing for a nuclear war. (Julia Raquel Edvardsen)
- You created a Fallout page on Facebook.

- You fail to get a date and try to reload so you can pass the speech check (Oliver Alvarez).
- You visit a city and imagine it as it would be in the Fallout universe. (Stephanie Boor)

- You say "War never changes" whenever you see a conflict.
- You wonder if you can do stuff based on your real-life S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Nicholas Anderson)
- You go to McDonald's and order a Nuka-Cola instead of a Coca-Cola. (C.j. Jackson)
- You're planning to go somewhere and raise your wrist to fast travel. (Brad Haeberlin)
- You take a glass of water and think "This is radiation free". (Jura Lukacevic)
- You believe laying on a bed will heal broken limbs instantly. (Rubby Almaraz)
- You avoid roads with car accidents because you don't have any RadAway. (Nikhil Sharma)

- Your phone includes the Galaxy News Radio soundtrack. (Justin Hardesty)

- You have a pile of teddy bears and garden gnomes in your room. (Stephen Hardy)
- You're in the locker room at work and you're searching for bobby pins. (Thomas Musto)
- You call in sick to beat the new released Fallout game! (Gord A. Richardson)
- You have a huge obsession with abandoned towns. (Charissa Bennett Inabnet)

- You've been banned from church for yelling "Praise Atom and his Holy glow!"

- You play Fallout 3 on the Christmas morning before the kids wake up. (Soryu Dragon)
- The ticking of a clock gives you an irrational fear of radiation. (Tyler Gaches)
- When you get hurt and ask for a Stimpak you are addicted to Fallout. (Simon Ross)
- You have the BoS emblem for a tattoo. (Daniel McCartney)
- Instead of celebrating birthdays, you level up. (Chris Mellon)
- You press L2 or V for VATS in every FPS game. (Brady Rak)
- You can sing along to every song on the radio. (Everardo Feliciano)
- You look down at your wrist expecting to find a Pip-Boy. (Jacob Daniel Horne)
- You can't drink Coca-Cola for fear of it having radiation... (Alex Bramer)
- You stand in front of a closed store for 15 hours, waiting for it to open. (Ed Burns)
- You wake up and play for 2 hours, then think about it all day. (James Lyle)
- You often wake up from nightmares in which you hear "assume the position". (Chris Sale)

- You exit your house on sunny mornings thinking "Just like leaving Vault 101." (Erin Gurel)

- You don't exercise because "you are overencumbered and cannot run." (Katie Rose)
- You open up a bottle of soda and your kids say "bottle cap added."
- You're playing GTA and keep trying to search the trashcans. (Richard Gangi)

- You write your own Wasteland Survival Guide that includes a list of every location of ever teddy bear in the game, including the secret huge bear. (Maharet LeFay )

- You are always humming 'Butcher Pete'. (Keegan Shaw)
- You wish for a nuclear holocaust to make your life more interesting. (Daniel Pace)
- You're still reading this list... Yep, you're definitely addicted to Fallout!
- When you know, deep down, that war... war never changes. (Joe Waites)
- When you feel [Hidden] while crouching right in front of someone. (Levi Deaton)
- You start researching for how to make your own Nuka Cola. (Isaiah LeBlanc)
- You learn to lockpick with bobby pins in real life. (Ric Aguilar)
- When you go to bed and a menu comes up asking how long you want to sleep. (@falloutlsd)

- You posted on the official Fallout page asking where the bloody, bloody hell is Fallout 4?!?

- When celebrating Christmas with the family, all you want is to go back to the Wasteland. (Nick Wikke)

- You created a Fallout-themed playlist and frequently update it. (Rodion Melnikov)


Addicted to Fallout 1 & 2

You know you're addicted to the classic Fallout games when...

- A friend comes to visit and you ask "What the bloody, bloody, bloody hell are you doing here?"

- You stop people on the street and try to barter with them.
- You refer to the mall as The Hub. (addicted to Fallout 1)
- You move only after everyone else has (Fallout's turn-based system).
- You refer to your boss or teacher as "The Master".
- You've searched the desert looking for a flipped over Nuka-Cola truck.
- You tried to buy groceries with flares and rocks.
- You asked at the local store when the next caravan would come.

- You spent one vacation at Roswell searching for the alien blaster.
- You asked a drug dealer to get you some Buffout, RadAway or Mentats.
- You wonder why time doesn't go by faster when you're traveling outside the city.
- You have children named Ian, Aradesh, Tandi or Tycho.
- You visit strangers' homes and have this strange urge to loot everything.
- You wonder why your phone alarm doesn't have a "Rest until healed" option.
- You insult your friends by saying, "Sure, shoot me in the back, Ian".
- You divide your water into rations. (addicted to Fallout 1)
- When going to church, you look for Father Morpheus or The Master.
- You won't drink beer because you'll lose a point of your Perception.
- You go to the desert to search for The Master's army of Super Mutants.
- You expect books to disappear after you read them...
- You've been arrested for breaking into a military base to look for the vats.
- You're addicted to Fallout if you have a vault in your backyard, just in case.

- You can take a gang anytime! After all, you've fought Deathclaws and Super Mutants.

- You always see people with percentages above their heads. Strange...
- You painted the number 13 on the door to your basement.
- You explore caves in your area looking for Rad Scorpions.
- You are drinking water from a canteen (Michal Misztal).
- You can't leave town because you can't find the exit grid. Dammit!
- You sing 'Maybe' in the shower. (addicted to Fallout)
- You take a rope with you whenever you go in an elevator.
- You always refer to Coca-Cola as Nuka-Cola...
- You imagine your wife is Tandi and you're saving her from raiders.
- You spoke to your therapist about an approaching mutant army.
- You've been banned from church for yelling "Bless the Holy Flame!"
- You listed Vault 13 as your address on employment applications.

- You're addicted to Fallout when that's all you dream of. (Steven Robert Lang)

Oh, one last thing: you're addicted to Fallout when you are taking this list seriously. ;)


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