Are They Making Fallout 4?


It's been a while since Bethesda made (not released) a Fallout game... It's been, what, 7 years since Fallout 3 entered our lives -- and never left for some of us, who still play it every now and then. I recently read an article called "Get Ready to Wait 10 Years for The Fallout 4 Release" -- which made me wonder: are they making Fallout 4?

are they making fallout 4

Fallout 3 began development in 2004, but the team didn't actually start to work effectively on the game until Oblivion and all its DLCs were completed. Here's what Todd Howard, Fallout 3's executive producer said at the time:

"We started work in late 2004 with a few people. We only had about 10 people on it until Oblivion wrapped, but most of our staff is on it now".

Knowing this, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that Bethesda is making Fallout 4, now that they finally finished working on Skyrim? I think so. Here's more proof that they are indeed interested in making Fallout 4:

"We didn't go acquire the rights just to make one game. We fully intend for this to be a success, and as long as we don't f^ck it up and we make a good game, we think it will be. " (Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda)

So, Are They Making Fallout 4?

No one really knows. And the rumors are just that... rumors. Please stop with the Boston crap, the Survivor and everything else you've heard. If it didn't came from an official channel, it's NOT TRUE. Bethesda hasn't even hinted that they are working on Fallout 4, let alone confirm its release date. Everything you hear it's BS. Everything that makes it to the news, no matter how legit it may look, should be regarded as mere speculation. See Bethesda Urges Fans to ignore Fallout 4 Rumors.

Todd Howard spoke with the media a while ago and he confirmed that we have to wait longer until an announcement can be made. Do NOT fall for Fallout 4 release date rumors. Never forget Survivor 2299. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... well, you know how that goes. With no official announcement on at least making Fallout 4 title, we fans are quite frustrated at the moment because of Bethesda's silence. I know I am. I see big Fallout pages quitting, giving up the "good fight" because they are sick and tired of waiting.

fallout 4 announcement date

Fallout 4 is not *just any other game*. We can wait... for a little while. But how long is too long? I'd say 10 years is too long. We can wait, sure, but give us something, tell us you are working on it. We have the right to know, are they making a Fallout 4? Bethesda is going down the Valve's Half-Life 3 path and it's not looking good. Alienating fans is never good. Although some of you might argue that time doesn't matter as long as they make a high-quality game, I beg to differ. While time does not matter, keeping your fans in the dark MATTERS. See Fallout 4 Petition.

I'd like to think that making Fallout 4 it's not a question of *if* but rather of *when*. But what if they aren't even working on it? Being a Fallout fan is hard, isn't it? Bethesda HAS TO release, or at least ANNOUNCE Fallout 4 while the community is still interested. The giant time gap between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 probably hurt the franchise a bit. Why do it again?

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The Fallout community is strong and it managed to wait a decade before a new version of the game got released. Do we have to wait another ten years? Are they making Fallout 4?

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