Fallout 4 - Before and After

In the Fallout 4 Trailer, we see Bethesda doing something new. They added primary colors to the Fallout universe! As you take your first few steps into this brave new world, you stare at bold new colors, like red and blue. Hold your horse, I'm just messing with you!


But it's great to see a glimpse of the pre-apocalyptic world of Fallout, isn't it? We took a peak at it in Tranquility Lane, but here it seems to be a whole new playable area.

fallout 4 before and after
"Two Different Worlds" by etgeo8


In the picture below me (below you?!) we can see a little bit of of the life before the Great War. We find out that the cars were produced in colors other than rust. Which I know it's not a color. And, in the past people were actually mowing their lawns. Is it really too much to ask?

fallout 4 before pictures

Next, we can see how shiny things used to be. Which is nice, because most furniture in the Fallout universe is decorated with blood. Also, that red bread bin is fetching.

fallout 4 after pictures

We're getting more of the flavor of the time before. Note the green family sedan in the background; it's nice to see Fallout branching out into more vehicles. Also, those shadows make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

fallout 4 before pics

Again, more brightness! And some leaves too. Colored leaves! Man, this is going to be everything and more. Looks like autumn in the picture, but hell, I'm no geologist. Also note the young couple resting, proving that girls can never truly escape a youngster in a stripy shirt.

fallout 4 after pics

Here's something I love, seeing more of the process how people came into the Vaults, for recreational purposes. Yeah, I admit, I don't get out much. And here's the familiar Vault-Tec billboard. How I love that billboard! After the bombs, well, people look somewhat... sleepier.

fallout 4 vaults before war

Next we see a more horizontal attitude towards vault doors from Vault-Tec and some of that iconic Power Armor. Let us in, we're dying out here! Of curiosity, about how that door works.

fallout 4 pics before

Our favorite Robo-Cleese is back! Wow, never thought I'd write that sentence. Things came in chrome then, instead of the lovely dirt and filth hue we all came to know and love. That oval rug though... Man, that oval rug!

fallout 4 pics after


So what do you think? Does Fallout 4 look a little too bright for you eyes? Or you got sick and tired of all that brown in Fallout 3 and New Vegas anyway. Let us know in the comments!

by Ryan Burke

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