Fallout 4 in Boston Confirmed


We're only minutes away until the Fallout countdown timer reaches zero and a leak on the official Fallout4.com Website confirmed the existence of the highly anticipated sequel. Even more, Fallout 4 has been confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it's going to take place in... where else? Boston! Don't go anyway, we've got pictures!

UPDATE: The Trailer is out! Watch it below...

fallout 4 in boston confirmed

Fallout 4 Confirmed in Boston

Yes, you read that right, FALLOUT 4 IS CONFIRMED! Even more, there are rumors of a Demo lasting between 20-30 minutes, which hopefully we'll get to play on E3 two weeks from now. Meanwhile, a Fallout 4 Trailer is expected to be released in just minutes after you read this article. We'll update you as we know more.

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fallout 4 boston concept art

Many of us were skeptical, but in the end Fallout 4 in Boston was confirmed. How about that, wastelanders? What a glorious day!

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