Fallout 4 Leaked Info?


After years of waiting and a couple of hoaxes later, Fallout 4 has finally been OFFICIALLY announced. Its cinematic trailer clocks in at 3 minutes and features both the haunting music and post-apocalyptic scenery we have come to expect from the beloved franchise.

fallout 4 leaked info

Well, it's more colorful then we're used to, but that's okay, giving the fact that the storyline takes place shortly after the war. Wait, how do you know that? A little bird told me... You wanna know what else she told me? Keep reading.


Leaked Fallout 4 Info

Be advised! Like the case with all Fallout 4 speculation, you should take this info with a grain of salt. My source said he works for Bethesda, but that doesn't mean he's telling the truth.

  1. Fallout 4 is going to be a prequel, set closer to the time the bombs dropped. How close? Only 20 years after the war, in 2097. The baby you saw in the trailer is your character.
leaked fallout 4
  1. Fallout 4 is going to take place in The Commonwealth, in and around Boston, Massachusetts, proving prior rumors to be true.

  2. Fallout 4 is going to be released somewhere between October 23 and 31, 2015. Preorders on Bethesda's Website are only valid before November, so there's your proof.
leaked fallout 4 info
  1. The new Pip-Boy controls are on the right side now. The new design is more ergonomic than Pip-Boy 3000's. The new Pip-Boy also has a light source attached to it.

  2. The protagonist of Fallout 4, a resident of Vault 111, has a voice. Vault 111 is the second to last Vault built by Vault-Tec, featuring Cryogenics. Fallout 4 will be more *story based*, with the player characters, both male and female, talking and narrating their story. The game as a whole will have a "Mass Effect" feeling to it.

  3. Diamond City and surrounding towns are controlled by a new faction, "The Institute", a group of scientists who devoted their lives to technology, long before the Brotherhood of Steel took their rightful place into the Wasteland. The Institute are at war with the Brotherhood in this timeline, and they are the main antagonists of Fallout 4. Their androids take the place of Fallout 3 super mutants, however there are still enough muties left for you to shoot, according to my source.

  4. The Railroad, another faction, appears in Fallout 4 as a large organization who fights to free the androids from The Institute. They're the good guys, while BoS are neutral, and the Institute are evil.
fallout 4 gnn
  1. We'll get to visit the GNN (Galaxy News Network) headquarters - a preWar media corporation that ran both the Galaxy News Radio and a television channel - and meet Three Dog's great-grandfather. Ron Perlman also returns as the narrator.

And that's everything I've got from my mysterious source. Again, take this with a grain of salt. Actually, with a lot of salt. Either way, seems pretty good info to me. See ya, wastelanders!

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